Lost Girl - Season 1
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Lost Girl - Season 1

Lost Girl - Season 1

Lost Girl - Season 1-is a supernatural crime drama of Canadian TV about the life of a girl named Bo Succubus. Bo discovers she has the ability to learn how other people and she used it to help those in distress as well as to discover the truth about his origins. In the process of finding out the truth about herself, Bo has more about Fae - people with different abilities who despite still having the appearance of humans. And the Fae world is divided into two branches: Light Fae called Dark Fae group good and bad people group.

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Actor: Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer

Director: Michelle Lovretta

Country: International

Episode: 13

Duration: 44m

Release: 2010

IMDb: 0.7/10